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Resume Tips Part 1: Are You Using the Right Resume Buzzwords?

Have confidence in your resume by arming it with the right words.

Arm your resume with the right words.

As spring takes hold, it might be time to dust off the resume and freshen it up. While you certainly have put a great deal of work into making your resume look professional, it can always use a little lift. Now is the time for that boost!

Take charge this spring and have a resume that you can feel confident handing over to employers and human resource personnel. Demonstrate you are the right person for the job by having a resume that stands above the rest. You don't just want to be included in the shortlist of resumes, you want your resume to be put on top.

And while you may think resumes are all about experience, there is a bit more goes on into making yours stand out from the rest. Buzzwords are key to a strong resume. By incorporating the right buzzwords, you can trigger responses from employers. Additionally, having the right buzzwords in place will allow your statements to be shorter and your resume to have a less-cluttered appearance.

For some advice on buzzwords to use and those to steer clear of, check out the lists below:

Buzzwords to use

While certain words will certainly help boost your resume, overusing them will do the opposite, noted Business Insider. When incorporating buzzwords, don't use the same ones over and over, or alternate between only a couple. Try to have each buzzword be different. This will ensure a stronger response from whomever is reading it.

"Action-based words register best with employers."

According to The Muse, single, action-based words will register with employers the best. Words such as "improved," "created," "influenced," "trained," "launched" and "managed" are strong words. There are certainly others as well, but consider what these words do - they make a point quickly and leave little room for discussion. These words demonstrate an execution and accomplishment. They are short, simple and to the point. More importantly, they will stand out to employers during a hiring process.

Buzzwords not to use

When reading over your resume, identify the words and phrases that are meaningless or cliché. These are the words that have to go, according to Fast Company. Words that are so common and redundant that they have no more value to a company head are definitely not the words you want describing you and your achievements. Consider that for a moment, a resume is in fact a succinct and informative document that you are presenting as a summary of yourself and your skills: Any words that are not efficient have got to go.

Phrases such as "give 110%," "world-class," "cutting-edge," "go-getter," "results-driven" and "dedicated 24/7" are all cliché and lazy. This is not how you want to present yourself to a potential employer. Not only are these words and phrases overused, but they aren't concrete. You want to use language that is clear and concise. Don't lose an interview because your resume is cluttered with words and phrases that are meaningless and have all been read by the employer before.

Get your resume to the top of the pile.

Keep it simple

The biggest thing to remember when focusing on your resume rewrites is to keep your language simple. You are not going to impress anyone by filling up the paper with heavy-hitting words that either go over someone's head or miss the mark completely. Stick to straightforward language and short statements that are not cliché or overused.

In fact, CBC News reported the most overused buzzword on LinkedIn profiles in 2013 was "responsible." It is concise and to the point? Sure. But is it action-based and strong? Definitely not. Impress people with your resume, don't show them you are like everyone else. Stand out from the crowd and get a new job that you are proud of.