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4 Easy Summer Road Trip Hacks

Bring only what you need on your road trip.

Summer is the season for road trips. There are few things as fun as piling your friends or family members (you get along with) into your car, rolling down the windows, putting on your favorite tunes and heading toward a destination, or several. Anything feels possible when a road trip is underway, but only if you do it right.

While a road trip is the ultimate in summer getaways, because it allows you to do pretty much anything, it can also be a pain if you haven't planned accordingly. And by planning, this doesn't mean keeping a rigid schedule of destinations, but making sure you accurately prepared your vehicle.

When hitting the open road this summer, keep these tricks and tips in mind, as they could make your road trip much better.

Ready your vehicle

Your ride is comfy and you love taking it from A to B every day. But when was the last time you had a tune up? It is a good move to have your car checked out before you embark on your summer journey. Don't find out there is a problem once you are the road.

"Having the right tunes can make or break a road trip."

Have your phone tools

Yes, you are going to utilize your GPS while driving, hopefully relying on your co-pilot to navigate. And yes, you are likely also going to use your phone for your tunes. And naturally, you might be wise by downloading apps that assist you in finding the cheapest hotels and gas stations. It's 2015, and taking a road trip "the old fashioned way" is just unlikely. According to Mashable, your phone can be a huge asset your road trip, from pictures to tunes to guidance, just make sure you have the necessary tools. Get a sticky pad for your dashboard so you aren't holding the phone while driving. Also, have a charger ready that will work with your car, because a dead phone does nobody any good.

Have a hood

We are not talking about the hood of your car (though you better have a secure hood on your car). Having a sweatshirt with a hood can be a lifesaver if you need to catch some sleep in the backseat during the day. Sure, you could bring a sleep mask for your eyes, but really? A sweatshirt with a hood has other uses as well, and when trying to pack light, bringing only what is necessary on the road trip will make it much easier. As Odometer lifestyle and car advice blog noted, pulling that hood over your eyes and tightening it is a great way to escape for a quick snooze. Besides, who wants to keep a sleep mask in their pocket?

Cup holders and trash cans

If you don't pack a small container for trash, you just aren't ready for your road trip. There is no doubt you will accumulate trash, from your snack wrappers to any tags you cut from souvenir shirts or caps. Similarly, All Day lifestyle and information blog noted items for holding food and drinks are as important as trash containers to collect the wrappings when you are done. Things like plastic shower caddies and muffin trays can make great holders for cups and burgers, or whatever you are eating.

There are many ways to have a successful road trip, but you need to take the initial steps to make sure you are prepared. Spending an extensive period of time in the car can be thoroughly enjoyable, but only if you have the proper tunes and organization. Don't wander aimlessly without the necessities, wander aimlessly with everything you need.