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Budgeting Tips for Saving More Money

Online shopping is fun, but do you really need everything in your e-cart? (via Experian)

Do you really need everything in your e-cart?

When it comes to budgeting, people often take a look at the numbers. While this seems practical and maybe even spot on, it isn't entirely going to get the job done. Sure, in order to budget out your spending and savings you need to do some counting - there is no denying this fact - but you also need to look at some other factors as well. The biggest of which is you.

You like to spend. Everyone does. There is a gratifying feeling that comes from spending money. You see something you want, you pick it up off the shelf or put it into your digital cart and then it is yours. No questions asked. But just because you feel like you need something, doesn't mean you do. And in truth, the way to convince yourself you don't need all of these things you buy is to just be happy with yourself. Yes, it is that simple.

Being emotionally content leads to a happy bank account

"Be happy so you can save!"

Think about it this way, advertising is your enemy. According to, people spend too much money not because they need to products, but because they are responding to advertising. You want to feel better, even if for a moment, and you see that happy lady with her six children who are all happy as well because they all have candy bars! Well, guess what, that is a staged photo making to focus on everything but the candy. You are looking and purchasing a lifestyle. Get comfortable with yours so you don't have to buy theirs.

No doubt this is easier than it sounds, but you are the only one who can make this adjustment. You can spend all of your time counting money and looking at numbers and adding up bills, but if you aren't a happy camper then all this counting is going to do is add stress to your life. Being a smart spender has to start deeper than that.

Ask yourself questions

A good habit to get into is to ask yourself questions when purchasing items. Do I need this product? Am I really hungry, or maybe just emotionally upset? Practical Money Skills recommends questioning not only your purchases, but also yourself. You must put your life into perspective and be honest with yourself if you really plan on budgeting.

Find joy in activities that don't cost money.

Besides, if you really develop serious discipline and limit your spending, you might be saving money, but what good is money if you aren't happy? Be happy! Feel more confident when walking down the street! Pass the soda machine and give it a wink that says, "Yeah, I see you sitting there calling out to me but I'd rather just keep walking because I feel great!" And when you get home, or wherever your destination may be, you not only haven't bought the soda, but you also still have the dollar in your pocket. You win!

Being real with yourself will help you see the big picture, which is a content mind doesn't need to spend as much. Now, you certainly deserve treats every once in a while. But a treat every day certainly doesn't sound like a treat, more like a routine.

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