Hwy 240 Inventory

*Prices exclude taxes and finance charges and, where allowed by state law, may exclude doc fees up to $299 and other applicable fees.
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$23,597 *
Stock #1330043891
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$13,997 *

DriveTime Used Car Shopping, Simplified.

Since 2002, DriveTime has changed people’s minds about how used car buying should be. In the past, used car shoppers could expect their vehicle selection to be limited to old, unimpressive vehicles.

Many of our vehicles include all the modern features; like Bluetooth connectivity and integrated entertainment systems. So while they may be used vehicles, they’re certainly not “old”.

With a vehicle selection of 10,479 used cars, vans, trucks and SUV’s, DriveTime makes it easy to find used cars for sale near you. Explore our used cars for sale online. Get specific by searching for makes, models, prices and features. Then, experience how used car buying should be by visiting your local DriveTime dealership.

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