14 Used Chevrolet Avalanches in Jacksonville, FL

*Prices exclude taxes and finance charges and, where allowed by state law, may exclude doc fees up to $299 and other applicable fees.
Stock #1190162070
See Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Value
$18,295 *
Stock #1120183929
See Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Value
$18,997 *
Stock #1190162760
$17,995 *
Stock #1190162521
$14,595 *
Stock #1120185307
$25,797 *
Stock #1190161794
$16,695 *
Stock #1120179576
$13,795 *
Stock #1120183902
$13,595 *
Stock #1120184096
$13,295 *
Stock #1190162726
$12,595 *
Stock #1120185719
$10,495 *

Buying a Jacksonville Chevrolet Avalanche at DriveTime

Used Chevrolet Avalanches in Jacksonville aren’t hard to come by. What is hard is finding a car dealer who is going to make your purchase of a used Chevrolet Avalanche easy and enjoyable. At DriveTime Jacksonville we simplify the used car shopping process so you can find the right Chevrolet Avalanche for you.

The Chevrolet Avalanches we show online are the same vehicles we have waiting for you on our sales lot. Sort our Chevrolet Avalanche’s by year and mileage to browse our newest options. Some of our Chevrolet Avalanches even come with unique features like premium speakers, satellite radio and integrated entertainment systems. Explore color options — both inside and out — to add that final touch.

Once you’ve found the Chevrolet Avalanche for you, get to your nearest Jacksonville DriveTime to see it in person. Get behind the wheel of what could be your very own Chevrolet Avalanche at Jacksonville DriveTime today!

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