27 Used Suzuki Vehicles in Lakewood, CO

*Prices exclude taxes and finance charges and, where allowed by state law, may exclude doc fees up to $299 and other applicable fees.
Stock #1230039349
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$19,897 *
Stock #1230038989
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$15,397 *
Stock #1230039059
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$19,997 *
Stock #1230039682
$18,995 *
Stock #1230039445
$17,095 *
Stock #1230039446
$14,995 *

Finding a used Suzuki in Lakewood

If you’re looking for a used Suzuki for sale in Lakewood, then you’ve come to the right place. DriveTime Lakewood has 198 used Suzukis for sale near you. What are you looking for in your used Suzuki? You can narrow your search to only view Suzukis from the most recent year, or our Suzukis with the lowest mileage in Lakewood.

Are you looking for a larger vehicle for family and adventures, or a smaller one for commuting and convenience? Sort our Suzukis by body type to see our available options at our Lakewood Dealership. If you’re expecting to take your Suzuki on some unpredictable terrain, be sure to search our engine and drivetrain options. If you’re a commuter, filter our used Suzuki vehicles by MPG. Part of owning a DriveTime vehicle is getting a car with function and fashion. Why not get a used Suzuki with a little “wow” factor?

Sort our Suzukis by color and features; like temperature controlled seats, sunroof and navigation. Once you’ve found the right Suzuki for you, schedule a test drive at the Lakewood DriveTime and experience how used car buying should be.

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