49 Temple Hills, MD Used Vehicles

*Prices exclude taxes and finance charges and, subject to state law, exclude doc fees up to $299 and other applicable fees.
Stock #1630048605
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$28,197 *
Stock #1630048184
See Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Value
$25,297 *
Stock #1630051364
$25,097 *
Stock #1630049539
$17,595 *
Stock #1630050027
$16,595 *
Stock #1630051410
$16,395 *
Stock #1630049531
$16,295 *

Temple Hills Used Cars for Sale

There are 49 used cars for sale at your local Temple Hills DriveTime dealerships. Why not go and take one for a test drive? All it takes is a quick application, and you could be behind the wheel of your next used vehicle.

Would you like to buy a used car, but don’t want to deal with used car salesman? At DriveTime Temple Hills, we’re undoing all of the stereotypes and changing people’s minds about the used car buying experience. There are no pushy salespeople at DriveTime Temple Hills. Their job isn’t to pressure you into buying a used vehicle, it’s to show you options and answer questions so you can make an informed decision. This is your car we’re talking about.

You’re in the driver’s seat, so you decide where to go. Whether you’re Used Cars for Sale for commuting, a used van or SUV for the family or a used truck for heavy lifting; Temple Hills DriveTime has a large selection of vehicles that fit your wants and needs. Find the car you want, and schedule a visit at one of our Temple Hills used car dealerships and experience the DriveTime Difference.

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