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Payment Reminder: 4 Foolproof Memorization Techniques

We're all guilty of forgetting important dates, especially after a fun night!

Events like anniversaries, birthdays and even car payments, can slip through the cracks when you're juggling a million other things. However, the majority of people who actually do remember important dates, usually rely on other methods to aid their memory.

Car Payment Reminder Techniques

So if you sometimes feel like the dudes from "Dude, Where's My Car," here are four foolproof memorization techniques to help you remember your car payment date (as well as what you did last night).

Mark It on Your Calendar

Instead of forcing yourself to remember an important date (why would you want to put that extra stress on yourself?), get it out of your head and on paper. Our hectic schedules force us to write everything down (whether it's on paper or digital), but this is a time tested way to remember everything.

Circle the date when your car payment is due on every calendar you have—the one in the office, on the fridge in the kitchen and in your phone. For extra protection, put a reminder in the app on your phone. Make sure that all the calendars have the day marked, and a way to remind you that your car payment due date is coming up.

Try the Word Association Game

word association

Have you ever played the word association game? Basically, it's a fun brain exercise where you say the first word that pops into your head when another word is mentioned. For example, if someone said vitamin you might think of the word smoothie, which in turn makes you really want a smoothie! Get it?

By putting a twist on this simple game, you can use words or special events, to remind you of other important things. Make it as fun and as random as possible so whenever you hear the word, you'll relate it to making your car payment on time.

Turn It into a Story

We all view and remember the world differently. For some of us, the more vivid something is, the more likely we are to remember it. Try turning your car payment date into an elaborate story. The crazier the better! This story method technique helps people memorize a certain sequence of images or tasks as well as the order items should be completed.

A lot of public speakers use the story method to remember their entire speech, down to the next slide. Joshua Foer explains the entire and silly, process in this TED Talks video.

Create a Phrase that Rhymes

fifth of november

This last technique is a fun one you can do while driving, on your lunch break or even while you're in bed trying to sleep (don't all the best ideas happen while you're trying to sleep?). Turn your car payment deadline into a simple phrase or short story that rhymes.

Each word can rhyme with a number or a date on the calendar. For example, string together a list of numbers and words into a story you can repeat over and over in your head.

1 = Done
2 = Shoes
3 = Free

This way, you are sure to never forget the rhyming date of your car payment.

It will take a little bit of time to apply these memorization techniques, but by turning it into fun and creative games, you'll never forget your car payment date again. Dude! Sweeeet!

What's your best memorization technique?