Help with Financing or Purchasing at DriveTime

Approval FAQs

It only takes two minutes to get approved online. Simply fill in your name, address, monthly income, date of birth and social security number and you will get your approval and down payment information all from the convenience of your phone. You can also get approved in person at any DriveTime dealership. It will only take fifteen minutes to complete an application and you’ll be able to see every detail on every car.

This is a real approval! We used DriveTime’s proprietary credit scoring model and the information you provided to calculate your down payment. It’s how we’ve approved over 3 million people so far, and it’s how we help good people like you buy their own vehicle.

Your next step will be scheduling a dealership visit so we can show you all of your vehicle options. In just 15 minutes we will show you the price, down payment, recurring payments, APR and optional products on a specific vehicle or every vehicle we sell.

Our main goal is to set you up for success, which is why we provide custom financing. Your recurring payments will be customized to fit your needs. You and a sales advisor will sit down at the dealership to create a financing plan that will show you a clear breakdown of your recurring payments. The whole process only takes 15 minutes, and it will show you all the financing terms for every vehicle we sell.

Bankruptcy will not always keep you from getting approved for financing at DriveTime. Every situation is different, so please call or schedule a visit with a sales advisor to discuss your financing options.

The next step is to come into the dealership and in just 15 minutes your sales advisor will go over your financing terms and show you the price, down payment, monthly payments, APR and optional products for every car we sell. Get behind the wheel faster by bringing in your valid driver’s license, proof of residence (typically a utility bill), proof of income (typically a pay stub) and proof of insurance.

Vehicle FAQs

You are approved for every vehicle on our lot, but some vehicles may require a larger down payment than the one you are quoted, some may require less. Your down payment is the lowest currently available (based on location and vehicle selection) and is subject to availability. When you come into the dealership we’ll show you how your down payment compares to every vehicle we sell so you can evaluate your options.

Absolutely! Bring in your current vehicle, and we will perform an evaluation on the spot and let you know how much we would be willing to pay you for it. The amount you receive on your trade in can be applied directly towards your loan amount or your down payment.

DriveTime vehicles include several benefits to help give you peace of mind. Each vehicle includes an AutoCheck® history report, a 30 day/1,500 mile limited warranty, and 5 Day Return Guarantee. We also have optional extended vehicle coverage available.

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