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Auto Insurance Tips That Will Save You Money

One of the best parts of car shopping is getting to test drive different cars.

However, shopping for insurance for that new or used car is never fun.  First, we need to figure out what is the minimum insurance requirement is for each state. Then whether you are looking for a budget-friendly insurance policy or, if you want bumper to bumper coverage on your vehicle, you need to compare car insurance quotes to get the best deal.

The best way to save some cash is to research insurance companies to see what discounts they offer before you purchase the car you want.

State Insurance Requirements

Everyone knows that if you’re caught driving without insurance you’re going to get a ticket and pay an expensive fine. According to the MVD, each state has a minimum insurance requirement  meaning every motorist must carry a minimal level of car insurance to ensure that its drivers can at least cover the cost of the people’s injuries or property if an accident does occur. It is also DriveTime’s policy to verify our customers have insurance at the time of purchase so that we know our drivers are safe.

You Can’t Save If You Don’t Shop

This is by far the most important part of getting the best policy and rate possible. Most major car insurance companies have their rates online or have a price comparison tool, which makes it easy for you to compile a list of quotes and policy to see which one best fits you.

After some research you will find out that the cost of a 6-month policy can vary significantly from company to company. By doing an auto insurance comparison you will have a much better picture of what policy you want and what price you want to pay for it. All you need in order to get started is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), driver’s license number of each driver and driving record information. It’s as simple as that.

Ask for Discounts = Recieve More Savings

Once you have decided on what policy you want be sure to ask the representative about any other discounts you are eligible for. Most auto insurance companies award multiple discounts to their drivers because they see them as a “safer driver” which will save you even more money!

These discounts include good driver discount (if you have a clean record), good student discount (if you are a current student with a high GPA), drivers education classes (to remove existing points off license), safety devices (calculates brake usage and time of day car is in use), multiple vehicle (if you insure more than one car), multiple driver, bundle home and auto insurance and the list goes on and on.

These three tips certainly are not the only ways to save on car insurance; however they should give you a good start to feeling confident you found the insurance rate possible.  Remember no matter what state you are in, DriveTime will help you get into the car you want and ensure that your car insurance meets the requirements for that state.

Here's a quick list of major auto insurance providers to help get you started:





State Farm

Happy Shopping!