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Summer Car Care Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Cool

The heat is not friends with your car.

The heat is not friends with your car.

You have been waiting through the long, cold months for summer to finally arrive, and here it is. Time to roll down those windows and let the fresh air rush through your hair. Maybe when you drive you are one to wave your arm out of the window, or one to wear mirror shades so you look fully in control. But no matter your fashion or style, what is most important is that you not only look cool, but that your car feels cool as well.

This doesn't just mean running the air conditioning, which uses energy and can actually heat the vehicle's exterior if used to excess. It means protecting your car from the sun when necessary and making sure your interior keeps its passengers cool as well.

Keeping your ride cool will not only make the interior more pleasant, but will help your car function better, according to The Hindu. The term "over-heating" is a real thing, and something you definitely want to avoid. Consider the following ways to keep your car cool this summer, and by default, yourself:

1. Park in the shade. 

"Don't let the heat slow you down this summer."

Sure, you might want everyone to see your hip ride, and the shaded parking spots might be in the back of the lot, but hey, the walk is good for you. Nobody wants to get into a car that has been baking in the sun. And depending on the day, it won't take long for your car to heat up. Additionally, by parking in the shade, you won't be as hesitant to keep your windows rolled up. Security is a concern, and when people park in the sun they are more inclined to crack those windows to get some air flow. Don't even mess with cracking the windows, especially if you are in a busy place. Park in the shade and worry about it no more.

2. Use a window visor. 

If you have tinted windows that protect the vehicle's interior from UV lighting, then way to go. If not, you should consider getting a window visor to put in your windshield. While it often doesn't seem to be very convenient, or even a hassle, a visor will significantly help keep your car cool.

3. Cover your seats. 

If you have vinyl or leather seats, then you know how hot they get in the sun. Leather is wonderful because it is comfortable and easy to clean, but it also collects heat. When you are not in your car, leave a blanket on them so the sunlight doesn't reach them. When you get back in the car, you can either put them on the floorboard or in the trunk. Naturally, blankets on your seats aren't that hip, and you might be concerned about possible glares of those walking by, but let them glare. If one of them is lucky enough to be hopping a ride with you, and they find how comfortable the cool seats are, they'll get the picture. They'll even start covering seats of their own.

Don't let the sun get the best of your car.

4. Use the air conditioner. 

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that air conditioning is a friend. Don't be afraid to use it. While it does use more energy than simply having the windows down, there are some days that are just too hot. Letting the AC run while you are driving will not only make you more comfortable, but also keep the car more comfortable, as noted by Keepin' Cool, an air condition company. Items inside the car, such as your electronics, and even components like the steering wheel, don't want to be hot, and many of these items can't handle the heat at all. When the sun is too bright, crank up that AC.

Take care of your car so that it takes care of you, and in the summer that means keeping it cool. In the winter you'd scrape the windshield and on rainy days you'd let the wipers do their thing. Think of sun as another element that you want to enjoy, but not expose your vehicle to all the time.

Be cool this summer.