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Resume Tips Part 2: Best Job Websites to Get You Noticed

Take advantage of job recruiting websites.

Take advantage of job recruiting websites.

So you have polished up your resume and purchased a cardstock that you are confident will make your experience jump off the page. Nicely done! You are taking the steps you need to take to securing your next job. However, not all recruiters are waiting for pieces of paper. While your resume is presented professionally and is sure to impress any employer who reads it, there is more work to do.

If you haven't uploaded your resume to job hunting websites such as Monster, LinkedIn or Indeed, then now is the time. In this digital era, it is increasingly common for employers and human resource teams to look for potential candidates on the Internet. Just as you use the resource as a means of finding available jobs, employers are on the opposite end hunting for potential new employees. Make sure you are part of their candidate search process.

If you are not familiar with job recruiting websites, or aren't sure how to go about uploading your employment information where it will be found, then you have come to the right place. Read on for the second installment of our Resume Refresh series, and pick up a few tricks to nab your next great job.

Which job sites are best?

There are many job recruiting websites to utilize, and while some are large and all-encompassing, others are industry-focused. And while you should definitely explore options that are unique to your talent or career, it is important to make use of main job-locating resources. A list of some of the best, according to Forbes, can be found here:

- LinkedIn
- Indeed
- Monster
- SimplyHired
- USAJobs
- Idealist

These resources are all unique enough so that you should take advantage of several. Forbes noted that LinkedIn is above and beyond the most crucial site to utilize. In fact, the site has about 240 million members located in over 200 countries. Because of its scope, there are many professionals who simply use the source as a digital resume, and according to an infographic by Social Meep, 89 percent of e-recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn.

But the others are great too. For example, Monster always provides great job hunting tips and USAJobs lists federal jobs, while Idealist looks to connect job hunters with nonprofit and volunteer work.

"Find a job don't wait for one to find you!"

How to use the sites

When it comes to using job sites, the first step is selecting sites that pertain to your field or experience. Riley Guide noted the importance of keeping your search relevant to your profession, which is for your sake as much as recruiters. Recruiters don't want their time wasted, and if they continue to see your name or profile in places where it doesn't belong, they will be inclined to ignore you and not take you seriously. However, if you familiarize yourself with the resources and select a site or posting that matches your skill set, you are making a good impression to recruiters who will recognize you are doing your research before promoting yourself, which is what they want to see.

But using these sites doesn't just mean simply posting your resume and applying to jobs. There is much more you can do to improve your job search situation along the way. For instance, networking is simple through recruiting websites. This can be done by researching an industry or your contacts, of which you will start to accumulate more of. Reach out to people you know and ask if they have a hiring manager connection you could take advantage of, requesting an introduction. Do this enough times so that you begin to build a contact list of people within your chosen industry.

Make connections to expand your network of industry professionals.

Additionally, you should use these sites to hunt for information about the firm. Sure, companies will have job postings and applying through recruiting sites is simple - only a few clicks. But companies will also give information about what they do and who they are. You can learn a great deal of information about an industry and all of its moving parts by researching what it is companies do. Having this kind of familiarity with an industry will help you drive future conversations and land interviews. Just by having a better grasp of a business, you are steps ahead of many job hunters.

Be proactive

Being proactive is the most important tip to consider when using job hunting websites, according to Don't just wait for recruiters or employers to find you. Reach out to them. That is what these sites are for! Have a complete profile, a strong resume, a growing network of industry professionals and promote yourself throughout the job search process.

Demonstrate to the world what you have to offer by taking advantage of job recruiting websites. While it would be wonderful if a job found you, chances are you will have to find the job. With these tools at your fingertips, it is easier than it seems.