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How to Save a Bad Job Interview on the Spot

Be prepared to make mistakes during a job interview.

Be prepared to make mistakes during a job interview.

People put a great deal of pressure on themselves during job interviews. This is understandable, as a job interview is a potential entrance into a new chapter of your life. However, this nervousness and the need to get the interview right can cause you to make mistakes in the moment, whether because you answered a question in a less than perfect way, or because you forgot to highlight a specific aspect of your career.

Instead, approach job interviews with confidence and calmness, as you're more likely to slip up if you're too anxious. If you are relaxed and collected, you are more inclined to be engaged in the moment when you need it most.

If you have a job interview coming up, or are on the hunt for a new career, consider the following to avoid mistakes, or to recover quickly if you make them.

"Stay calm and collected during your job interview."

Don't panic 

The best way to be responsive in a job interview is to stay calm and listen to the questions being asked. You know your qualifications and undoubtedly have examples of excellent previous experience. But unless you are in a focused and relaxed state of mind, these examples and anecdotes won't come out clearly.

According to LearnVest, don't be afraid to rephrase your answer or take your time with responses. Getting your response out correctly is the goal, not simply rushing through. When people panic, they have a tendency to just try and hurry through the situation. This should not be the mode of thought when you are in an interview.

Give yourself credit

While interviewing for a job, it is not the time to be modest. Instead, you should promote yourself and convince the interviewer you are the one for the job. According to Bloomberg, people are inclined to give long answers and over-explain situations to try and help the interviewer understand. This can be distracting, and can make it sound like you are reaching for an answer.

Your responses should be short and to the point, and they should always be phrased in a way that promotes you. If you find yourself responding to a question with a long-winded explanation, simply pause, catch your breath and start over. Saying something like "I am going to rephrase that" is never a bad thing to do. It demonstrates your ability to be clear and desire to be understood, while maintaining professionalism.

Don't fret over a wrong response, simply slow down and rephrase it.

Don't fret over a wrong response, simply slow down and rephrase it.

Let them know you are ready

There are certainly going to be missteps during a job interview, as 30 minutes is not enough time to encompass all of your qualifications and past experiences. However, the interviewer knows this as well. When the interview is coming to a close, it is not a good idea to speak more quickly to try and fit as much information about yourself in as you can. Instead, just let the interviewer know you are available and more than willing to take part in a follow -up interview.

According to Lifehacker, making a request for a second interview should be done face to face. When you are standing in front of an interviewer, and the interview comes to a close, let him or her know you are available for further questions or discussions about the position. Don't plead or beg, but simply shake the person's hand and tell him or her you are ready for to provide follow-up or clarification regarding anything discussed.

Job interviews are best handled in a calm and focused frame of mind, but it is easy to put pressure on yourself and become panicky. When you are getting ready for your job interview, avoid making mistakes by staying calm and being present in the moment. Trust in your abilities to nail the job.