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Car Technology That Helps You Stay Safe While Driving

Regardless of your age, when you're behind the wheel, it often seems difficult to refrain from texting, putting on makeup, glancing at your phone, and making phone calls. Although no one should ever text and drive, friends and family often worry when they don’t receive an instant response from you. Sometimes, the texts won't stop even after they find out you’re driving! Buying a car with anti-texting and a calling device is a wise decision for members of our technology-driven society. Check out these available features to see how big an impact they will have on your travel safety.

1. Hands Free Calling

Ten and two is still an important concept, although many drivers casually ignore the long-tested advice from older generations. While cars may be smarter than ever, staying aware and focused on the road is essential for every driver to stay safe. Defensive driving can’t exist without both hands on the steering wheel.

Ford: My Touch

Since talking and texting on mobile devices has become an increasing problem over the years, many states have made these activities illegal, which prompted car makers to start featuring hands free calling capabilities. With technology like Bluetooth and OnStar, drivers can place calls without having to glance at a screen or become distracted from the road.

2. Anti-Texting Apps

After all the accidents caused by texting and driving, concerned parents have been rewarded with a host of new phone apps designed to prevent this problem. Apps like Live2Txt, DriveOFF, DriveScribe, and Canary all block incoming calls and texts while driving. Some of them will send automated responses to let friends and family know you are currently driving and will contact them when you arrive at your destination.

Image via TechHive

Image via TechHive

3. Car Mode

Having phone calls sent to speakerphone helps drivers avoid holding the phone up to their ear for extended periods of time. This allows drivers to maintain focus on the road while still taking specific time-sensitive phone calls. Sometimes answering the phone in the car is unavoidable. Since businesses and bosses rely on constant communication, there are certain situations where a phone call in the car is a necessary part of the day. Download the right technology to be prepared when this happens.

Image via AndroidCentral.

Image via AndroidCentral

Keeping these phone-centered technology features in mind when choosing a car will keep you safer in the future. Remember, you should always remain attentive to the road and your surroundings, with these features being utilized only when they are absolutely needed.