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When Will I Wake Up to My Dream Car?

Don't let anything get in the way of your dream item.

Don't let anything get in the way of your dream item.

People have all sorts of different items in mind when they decide to save. Whether you want to be able to afford a car, your family is due for a vacation, you are thinking of buying a new home, or maybe you just need to purchase a new suit for job interviews, saving money to do so always comes first.

Whatever you want to purchase, you have to put together a plan for saving. It doesn't matter how big or how small, remember to start with the plan.

Establish your goals

This always has to be the first step in your savings plan, because without goals in place, what are you saving for? According to WiseBread, a financial advice website, having goals in place will help you realistically identify how much money you need to save.

Implement a budget

Once you know how much money you should put in reserve, you need to get yourself on the path to saving. A great way to do this is to open up a savings account for this purpose. The Simple Dollar recommended choosing an account that has a high rate of return interest, this way your money will grow while it sits there.

Additionally, putting the money into an account is a better way to keep you from spending it. If you simply lump it in with your checking account, or keep cash in a jar in the kitchen, you will be tempted to spend it. Remember that every time you take from your savings budget you are pushing your goal further from your reach. Don't do that. Talk to a financial advisor about which type of account would best suit your purposes and open it up.

Eliminate what's unnecessary

Once you have a budget for saving, you should take a look at your other finances. You, and just about everyone else, certainly spends money on items that aren't necessary. This doesn't mean you aren't allowed treats, but be reasonable. You are saving your money for something you have always wanted, don't push it off because of something trivial, whether it's a magazine, a candy bar or maybe an expensive ticket to an IMAX 3-D movie on opening night.

It is easy to spend money, and the small things are what really get you. You think just because something is inexpensive that it won't set you back, but this can become a dangerous habit. Be in control, and say goodbye to those items that are holding you back from achieving your financial goals.

When it comes to your dream item, only you can make it possible. Take the proper steps to attain your dream by putting a plan in place with goals and a realistic approach. Patience is king, because whenever you finally attain what you have been wanting for for so long, it will be worth all the time and effort. You'll also realize how easy it is to do again.