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DriveTime Overall Rating:

4.4 out of 5
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Mon, Nov 18, 2019
Pelham Drivetime
I went to the drivetime in Pelham and worked with Fattah Thompson. He is an absolute angel! He was very nice and helpful!! He answered all of my dumb questions, like every single one! This man deserves a raise or a promotion or some kind of recognition!! One of the best guys out there and one of the easiest car buying experience that I’ve ever had! I will be recommending Fattah to all my friends!!
Heather Stowe
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Sat, Nov 16, 2019
This dealership is the TRUTH!
This dealership is the TRUTH!! From my entrance to my exit they were helpful. Everyone was friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. Special thanks to Brianda G. and Brad for going the extra mile to help me get into a vehicle. You guys are the best!! 💯
Ariel Parker
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Sat, Nov 16, 2019
Hope this helps someone long post
Having recently gone through a divorce my credit was shot. I looked at DriveTime and their sister company Carvana, as well as other traditional big name car dealerships. DriveTime was easy to work with and was able to work with my monthly payment maximum and my down payment maximum. I was able to get a one year old car with super low miles still under factory warranty, in the glovebox were all the service records and info on where the car had been leased from (only an hour away) I was able to contact that dealership to verify work had been done and there were no known issues with the car. This was all before buying the car. Now I’m sure this is not a common scenario but I’d bet there are more like this out there. A few tips that I wish I’d known, maybe they will help you. 1. It’s ok to select a car before you get to the lot but know that once they run your credit and verify employment (if financing with Bridge Crest their in house preferred lender) you may not actually qualify for the car you had your heart set on. I was convinced I wanted a 2015 GMC Acadia which was in my price point and I loved for room and features. That SUV came out to be around a $4k down payment and $400 a month with a crazy interest rate. This is for a few reasons - if you have a lower credit score or shorter employment history you are a greater risk to them. If you buy an older car or a higher mileage car and you have a poor credit/work history you are less likely to make your payments when/if said older car is to breakdown or need major repairs. Trust me I was so frustrated but when I stopped to think about it I get it. They are taking a chance on you and they have to first protect themselves so you are less of a risk of not paying if you buy a newer car with lower mileage. Not saying they are selling lemons but understand that no matter where you buy a used car (unless from a certified dealer of that brand) you are taking a risk. 2. This was not a big deal for me but if you absolutely need 2 keys/key fobs you need to ask if they have 2. Most of their cars were former rental/fleet/lease vehicles that DT purchased at auction (very common practice) so they may not include 2 keys. 3. Do your homework on the car you select. For something like a $100 deposit they will hold a car for you for several days, this is refundable if you don’t want to purchase, can be applied to a different car, and will be applied towards your down payment if you choose a DT car. The GMC I fell in love with was far from perfect, I left DT that first day without a car and frustrated. My sales person (Lawren Winston-Salem/Greensboro location) was so patient with me and went to work for me (even though I hadn’t given her a dime) looking for cars that fit my payment needs and over the next several days she emailed me listings as they were posted from stores all over the state (open your searches to other locations as you may get a free transfer to your lot). In the end she suggested a car that I would have never considered a Kia Sorento, this car is fully loaded, only a year old and only had 20k miles on it. It was part of the “drivetime select” listings and a lower payment, next to nothing down payment, and lower interest rate because it is a newer lower mileage car. I’ve had this car 4 months and have had zero issues with it, the final purchase transaction took place at the Greensboro location as my salesperson transferred but I wanted to stay with them. They washed and cleaned the car while I was completing paperwork, and I drove my new to me car home about 45 minutes after arriving for my final sit down. I know not everyone’s story or experience is the same but so far I have had no issues with the car and the only frustration was the initial visit when I didn’t qualify for what I wanted, but did qualify for what I needed (a lower mileage, newer less cost maintenance vehicle). Good cars are out there on DT lots but you need to do some work with your salesperson to make it happen. Oh last point, I have learned that the sales staff at DT gets a flat fee per car so they are not going to be super pushy for you to buy the $25k car over the $15k car as they will get paid the same rate wether you buy a Mitsubishi or a Maserati (not that they have those) happy shopping!
DT Customer
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Getting Your Bad Credit Auto Loan at DriveTime Jacksonville

Don’t let bad credit stop you from getting a new car. DriveTime is proud to provide assistance to anyone seeking to buy and finance a car from one of our lots. Finding reliable Jacksonville bad credit auto loans can be challenging, but DriveTime makes the process easy. Our goal is to help every customer find a car to get on the road.

Whether you visit the dealership or apply online, the DriveTime system is designed to help people with bad credit get the auto loan they need. Stop waiting around and agonizing about possible bad results. Get your approval right away so you can move forward with your car purchase. We want to help you find a car in your price range so you can drive away happy. Apply online and get approved in two minutes or less!

Beyond the approval process, we believe customers also deserve to have confidence in their car. This is why we provide a 30-day/1500 mile limited warranty for any customer who chooses to buy a car from our lot.

At DriveTime, we don’t want anyone to feel embarrassed because of their credit score. Our Jacksonville bad credit auto loans exist to help you feel excited about your possibilities and empowered for the future. Forget the agony of getting approved at normal car dealerships and head over to DriveTime to experience the difference. Our team will get you approved in minutes, so you can start shopping for your next car today!

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