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400 N Arizona Ave Chandler, AZ 85225
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Chandler Used Car Dealership & Financing

At DriveTime Chandler, we think buying a car shouldn’t be as difficult as some used car dealers make it. Like most dealerships, you can test drive any vehicle on the lot, get an appraisal, and see your financing options. But at our Chandler dealership in Chandler, AZ, we let you take control of your used car buying experience.

We won’t hassle you with sales people. We also offer no-haggle pricing, which means you won’t spend hours at the dealership dealing with the stressful negotiation process. What you see is what you get.

Plus, we’ll show you full financing terms on all 45 cars on the lot within 15 minutes of speaking with our team. Our goal is to give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision without forcing you to wait hours to get it.

Used car buying should be easy, and it will be at our DriveTime Chandler. Shop our Chandler dealership inventory, schedule a visit, then experience how used car buying should be.

Located just north of Chandler High School on Arizona Avenue, DriveTime Chandler is one of the friendliest dealerships you will ever visit. Our store is small, meaning that no one ever walks in without a warm welcome. We want all our customers to feel special, and we work very hard to achieve that. Not only do we offer great prices and flexible financing, but we also have more than 400 cars in our inventory! We always send our customers home with a smile – that's just who we are. At DriveTime in Chandler, Ariz., we'll make sure you leave with a car you're proud of, and more importantly, one that fits your budget. Pay us a visit and see how honest, caring, and helpful our staff is. DriveTime Chandler will make your experience unforgettable.

Located on the west side of Arizona Ave between Chandler Blvd and Ray Rd, next to Chandler High School.

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